Sunday, February 28, 2010

My brother...

This picture was taken in the summer. It's my younger brother and his family...I love it. They are such a beautiful family. We just went to a party celebrating C (his son) and S (his daughter's) birthday. She turned 1 and he is turning 6. We had a great time.

Here's a little background on my brother and his wife, they are high school sweethearts who had C pretty young. It was difficult for them but they made it and eventually got married. They waited a good amount of time to have a second child. Our family is very happy for them after all they are married and they were wise to wait to have a second. However....when S was three months old J (SIL) found out she was pregnant. #3 is due March 13th. It's another girl. At first J was upset and panicked, which is understandable but once it started to sink in she and we all realize that it must be meant to be! So we are now waiting for her to go into I'm can't wait to meet my newest niece....

I love you B, J, C and S!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Birthday Boy....

I loved the blow up crown and so does he...

Saturday we had a birthday party for G, he will turn 2 the 16th. As I sit here trying to put into words the joy I feel, my mind keeps going back to fact that we're actually celebrating our dear child's 2nd birthday. At times it still feels surreal. My son, our son is 2 years old, my heart sings from the mountain tops. I want to live in this bliss forever! If there is anyone reading this post and you feel down because you've been waiting for your child to find his/her way to not give up on your dreams. It's the most amazing love you will ever feel. I wouldn't trade a day of my life because then we might not have adopted our son when we did! Now I know the answer to "why us".

We decided to have his party at Ch.uck E. The gathering was entirely different from G's first birthday, it was much more intimate. I really tried to invite children his age. I have to admit it was a little hectic but we had an amazing time. The pizza was yummy, as the cake and the kids really enjoyed running around and play all the games. To my surprise G was not that scared of Ch.uck E., he let him put his birthday crown on him. He was definitely clingy but he was also smiling and clapping the whole time Ch.uck E. was greeting all the birthday kids.

I'm so thankful for all our wonderful friends/family who came out to celebrate. I wish I would have gotten a group picture. I thought about it for a second but then I realized all the kids were running around with parents in Well here are the pictures I promised!

G's Birthday Cake....or as he called it "Happy Cake" too cute. Look at Barney, he is kind of scary!

He would not sit in the high chair. He was sort of clingy...

My wonderful parents, who I love with all my heart!!!

This is my best friend since 6th grade, she's family! BTW, I don't mean to put her business out there but she was adopted too!

This is my cousin Priscilla's beautiful daughter, K. Priscilla post comments on my blog.

This is my cousin M and her children.

G playing skeeball, he was too little so we let him stand on the game. He loved it!

This is G riding some sort of space ship. It went up and down and side to side.

G would only stand by Ch.uck E, if I was holding him :)

Grandpa, Daddy and G opening his presents. He is so blessed and loved!

I almost forgot this last picture....the is G before we even left the parking lot..:)

Monday, February 8, 2010


I just wanted to say that our SW reminded me not to tell everyone, everything. So with that I must say "mums the word." I wish I could divulge all the happenings but I've been given a gag order. If I receive more news that I can actually share, you all will be the first to for now. I'll be posting more about my BIG BIRTHDAY BOY..G! He will be 2 on the 16th. We are throwing his birthday party this Saturday. I'm so excited! I hope he truly enjoys all his friends and family that are coming to celebrate with him! You know I'll post pics ASAP!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Court was adjourned until next Monday b/c the BM's psychological evaluation was not signed....OMG! I'm going to try not to think about it!