Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yesterday, which was Friday G and I went out to the country to see the twins. K (their aunt) is being so great to us, I can tell she genuinely likes us. The girls are growing and look different even though it's been just over three weeks since they left us. SM my little drama queen and totally a mama's girl reached up for me right away with this huge smile on her face. SR smiled too and started to jump around. K said "boy, they didn't forget you." It was amazing!
We spent around an hour and half visiting and talking about the girls and family. G loved hanging out with them, he would lie on the floor and let them crawl all over him. It was cute. I have pictures but I can't post them until they are officially adopted.
I did surprisingly well, I only cried when K asked if A and I would be interested in being the girls godparents. Of course I said "yes" but then I had to call A (he was at work) and ask him....and of course he said "yes" with no hesitation. So as soon as they are officially adopted by K and R (their aunt and uncle) they will baptize them which we will be a part's such an honor and I can't wait! Then I'll post pictures for all of you to see....

I have more news but I just wanted to post this first. I'll be back soon to share....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teen Mom....

I'm obsessed with this show, I don't know why because I watch it and pretty much cry the whole time. This season seems like it's going to be horrid. I love Caitlyn and I'm so sad for her. I wish she could come live with us. Tonight Tyler broke her heart and she took it like a champ. I wish I had her composure at that age.
As for Farrah....all I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG! I hope they are watching her with Sophia...I hate for something to happen to that precious child.
And what about Amber....all I can say is they better wrap it up!! Please for the taxpayers...wrap it up!
This is my chant for Macy....Go Macy, Go Macy...GOOOOOO! Ryan needs to give up his gym membership and pay for his child's needs!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twins are gone...

just wanted to let everyone know that the twins are gone. We decided not to pursue adoption, it was a hard choice but we feel it was the right choice of our family. Since they have left we have seen them's so very hard. I cried a lot. I miss them but I also know that they are in good hands with their aunt and uncle. They are a great family and they really want us to stay in the girls lives. They have told us numerous times how grateful they are to us for taking such great care of the girls. I can't wait to be able to share pictures of the girls but I can't until they are officially adopted by their aunt and uncle. They are so beautiful and getting so big. I'm serious. I can't believe how perfect they are....just precious.

As for us, we are now waiting for another placement. I'm definitely excited yet enjoying this time only having G. It's been so easy running errands. I'm not stuck in the house all day. In fact today we are going for a walk and then for a swim.

We've had a busy May we went to NYC, which was so fun. I can't wait to get back. We went to the Central Park Zoo and had NYC cheesecake....yum. In June we went to Tampa Bay, FL....Busch Gardens is beautiful and SeaWorld was awesome. I wonder why I didn't become a dolphin trainer...;-) And just this past weekend we went to A's older brother's wedding in IL, it was a beautiful wedding. I'm glad we were able to be a part of it.

August 5th is our 10 year anniversary. I can't believe we've been married for 10 years....geez time flies. I know this is crazy but we were going to Mexico, then A told me if we didn't go he would buy us a new house. So we put our house on the market but since the tax credit expired in April the housing market came to a halt. So basically we've had no action. I wish Obama would restart that program asap. We'll see what the future holds....I'm not going to stress about it.
We've also sold our 00' Honda Accord and A is getting ready to sell his work van. He really wants a larger SUV. Of course, I'm on husband works so hard and deserve a new truck.
Since we aren't traveling in August, I feel like I'll have time to catch up with all my blogger friends and keep my blog updated...finger crossed.

I'll be back to post pictures soon....