Monday, November 24, 2008

Laura this one is for you

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that A has been growing out his hair to look like G....hahahaha! A has never been an attention getter but he is sure loving when people tell him how much they look a like. :)
The other night G had on his Reebok outfit. I went to the mall Friday and found the cutest blue Reebok gymmies. I bought them a little big so hopefully he will get to wear them for a while. I love shopping for him, it's so fun. I had no idea how much fun it would be. I can only imagine all the trouble I would get in if/when we have a girl. A is not a shopper, I always buy his clothes too. Sometimes when I buy certain outfits for G he is like "OMG, he does not need that." But after he seen G in his Reebok outfit he said we need to get him a Nike outfit too. However I refuse to pay full price. I love TJ Maxx. I can find Polo outfits, Polo onesises, Calvin Klein jeans, his coat is Kenneth Cole....I love it. Anyhow, here a pic of my boys and a couple of his outfit......

He is so cool, right? One handing the bottle, feet

Friday, November 21, 2008

9 month check up....

A few family members thought G is getting "big". I think he is a solid boy but definitely didn't think there was/is anything to worry about, he is a baby...babies are cubby...:) One person guessed G would be 22lbs, one guessed 21.5lbs and I guessed 20...drum roll....G is 19lbs 9ozs. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, he is very consistent and proportionate. He is 28 3/8". The funny thing is his head in the 35th percentile, that's a good thing b/c all his Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love his hair, I have to admit it is so cute. We ended up scheduling G's next drs appt, I can't believe next time we see Dr. Addy, G will be a year old. Time sure does fly these days!
After his appt, I met my gf's M and T at the mall. T's son was born 1/5, G was born 2/16 and M's daughter A was born 3/20, I can't believe they are all about a month apart. It was fun seeing them interact. I forgot to get a pic of them all together, I'll make sure we get one next time. They are going to grow up to be such good friends! And by the way we are going to be busy going to bday parties early next year too. I also have a friend whose son was born 2/10....oh boy, I'm going to be broke!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foster Parents????

So most of you know that A and I have been caring for our two nieces since May of this year. Well, we recently found out that we NOW have to become licensed foster parents to continue caring for them. Fortunately Bethany Christian Services was able to use a lot of our paperwork from our adoption. However there are still some documents that we are currently working on, for instance this afternoon I'll be making copies of our drivers licenses, our proof of insurance and Mason's rabies vaccination certificate. These are the last of the docs we need to submit (trust me the file is thick), then I don't know what happens. I would call our sw at Bethany but she is on leave for two weeks.
I think this is an interesting turn of events b/c Andre and I had decided not to pursue licensing. But now that it is mandatory, I'm thinking that it will be for the better. Lately we've been thinking about #2. I know some of you might think that it is soon seeing how Greyson is only 9 months old but we had such a late start...we need to catch We figure we are not getting any younger so might as well get the ball rolling. We also realize that if we adopted through foster care we will actually be able to afford it. I had been wondering where in the heck we were going to come up with money for a 2nd adoption. But this seems like it could be the answer. So that's the latest....nothing too exciting just more baby talk~ love and hugs to all those who follow my blog, I truly appreciate your comments!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I just had to post this...

I took this last Friday. G knows how to keep track of his paci, my little multi-tasker.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

G can't get enough of Mason....

Everyday I have to chase G away from Mason's house or what is otherwise known to Mason as I've even caught G inside the crate. I told Andre I should shut him in there, then he would never go in it again. I figure this b/c lately he does not like anything he can't escape from ie..pack-n-play, the swing or his jumper. But A doesn't agree, he said someone will just so happen to walk by our house and see the baby in the dog crate...hahaha. Really though I don't know why he is so fascinated with it. Here are a few pics of him messing with Mason.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy life this is....

Ok, I'm losing Really though it's tough with three kids in our home now. Seems like I never have time for anything, let alone blogging. But I'm going to try and keep it updated. After all it's kind of theraputic to put your thoughts down on paper, I mean down on blog.
G is becoming such a big boy and his personality is developing more and more each day. Lately he is my shadow, I can't go anywhere in the house without hearing the little slapping sound his hands make on our wood and tile floors.
A and I went shopping this past weekend and found a beautiful snowsuit for G at Old Navy. I'll definitely post a pic of him in it. It snowed yesterday and the snow actually stuck a bit but it's not that cold yet. Over the summer my mom and I were at a garage sale and we found a baby sled. It's so cute, I can't wait to get out in the snow and pull him around...should be fun!
I also realize that I love dressing G like his daddy. No baby clothes for my baby! :) A just adores G, in fact if you notice A grew his hair out so it kind of looks like G's, hahaha!
I know I'm late in posting Halloween pics but better late than never...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poem read from Judge Feeney....

I did not plant you, true.
But when the season is done,
When the alternative prayers for sun
and for rain are counted,
When the pain of weeding
And the pride of watching are through,
Then I will hold you high,
A shining sheaf above
the thousand seeds grown wild.
Not my planting,
But, by Heaven,
My harvest -
My child.