Friday, November 21, 2008

9 month check up....

A few family members thought G is getting "big". I think he is a solid boy but definitely didn't think there was/is anything to worry about, he is a baby...babies are cubby...:) One person guessed G would be 22lbs, one guessed 21.5lbs and I guessed 20...drum roll....G is 19lbs 9ozs. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, he is very consistent and proportionate. He is 28 3/8". The funny thing is his head in the 35th percentile, that's a good thing b/c all his Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love his hair, I have to admit it is so cute. We ended up scheduling G's next drs appt, I can't believe next time we see Dr. Addy, G will be a year old. Time sure does fly these days!
After his appt, I met my gf's M and T at the mall. T's son was born 1/5, G was born 2/16 and M's daughter A was born 3/20, I can't believe they are all about a month apart. It was fun seeing them interact. I forgot to get a pic of them all together, I'll make sure we get one next time. They are going to grow up to be such good friends! And by the way we are going to be busy going to bday parties early next year too. I also have a friend whose son was born 2/10....oh boy, I'm going to be broke!

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Eileen said...

Your little G is growing up! haha Time does fly...I remember when you finally had him in your arms. That's so great you have friends with babes the same age...I look around at 2 preggos in our family and friends and wonder if our baby will be close in age. I can only hope! Most of our friends' kids are now in school!