Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foster Parents????

So most of you know that A and I have been caring for our two nieces since May of this year. Well, we recently found out that we NOW have to become licensed foster parents to continue caring for them. Fortunately Bethany Christian Services was able to use a lot of our paperwork from our adoption. However there are still some documents that we are currently working on, for instance this afternoon I'll be making copies of our drivers licenses, our proof of insurance and Mason's rabies vaccination certificate. These are the last of the docs we need to submit (trust me the file is thick), then I don't know what happens. I would call our sw at Bethany but she is on leave for two weeks.
I think this is an interesting turn of events b/c Andre and I had decided not to pursue licensing. But now that it is mandatory, I'm thinking that it will be for the better. Lately we've been thinking about #2. I know some of you might think that it is soon seeing how Greyson is only 9 months old but we had such a late start...we need to catch We figure we are not getting any younger so might as well get the ball rolling. We also realize that if we adopted through foster care we will actually be able to afford it. I had been wondering where in the heck we were going to come up with money for a 2nd adoption. But this seems like it could be the answer. So that's the latest....nothing too exciting just more baby talk~ love and hugs to all those who follow my blog, I truly appreciate your comments!


Eileen said...

Going through foster care is definitely a good avenue to get baby #2! Not only is it a great way to build your family, but the affordability is a big plus! Good luck with the rest of the paperwork gathering:)

Coleen and Gordon said...

WOW, everything happens for a reason, huh?? This could be your path to #2!! I understand about catching up for lost time!! We are not getting any younger and we don't have #1 yet!! Hopefully, in 1 month we will!

Lisa said...

Sounds very promising!