Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I've been feeding G solids for a couple weeks. We started off with carrots, then squash and then sweet potato, and I have sneaked some fruits in there. I was feeling brave so I thought, "let's try stage 1 chicken"....yeah that sounds like a good idea. Well here are the pictures that show just how much G liked Tomorrow we go to see Dr. Addy, it's G's 6 month appt. I'm scared for him, last time he didn't do so well with his shots. However, I am so excited to find out how much he weighs and how long he is; I'm guessing 17.5# and 25" long. I'll post tomorrow and let you all know....

I think he thought it was applesauce at first. Look at the joy on his face.

This is G realizing "this isn't applesauce".

Thank goodness for APPLE JUICE!

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