Thursday, June 4, 2009

We so crazy!!!!

A couple nights ago, I was on the phone with A's aunt. We started talking about #2, I told her how the blue guest room would be perfect for G...color wise. And how I could transform G's room to a girls room if I needed too. The wall color could go either way, all I would need to do it add pinks, purples and magenta. Oh....I can envision it now. I also told her that we are going to foster to adopt and she asked me if I was sure we could handle going that route. I know it's complicated and there is always a chance of reunification but I feel confident about our decision. And as we continued to talk I started to get a sad we are kicking G out of his room and his crib already. I know I'll be alright, the realization of G not being 'the baby' is well....just sad.
Last night I went out for drinks with a gf who has a 17 month old son, she told me they are going to start trying for #2. I jokingly told her to let me know if/when it happens and I'd make the call to Really though the last few weeks with just G have been wonderful. He is still so young, having our nieces return home has not negatively effected him at all. In fact he seems more laid back and he is definitely learning to cope without so much attention...ok I might be jumping the gun on this one. He was clinging to my leg all day...but what do ya do?
For awhile things were so rough around here. I started to think G was going to be an only child. But now, it's as though A and I are on our second honeymoon. I can't remember the last time we had an argument. Trust me, I'm not saying our relationship is perfect but we've really been enjoying our time alone....stress free. Have I told you all that I love my A!!
So here's to enjoying a summer being a family of three...and too the fall. That's when we'll be placed back on the list to foster...OMG. It's really right around the corner.


Coleen and Gordon said...

You sound sooo healthy!! : ) Love it! I have started picturing #2, too. I know we have to wait until Chylar is 1 so I can get time off again, but there is an element of excitement. Funny to see that you and I haven't been scared away from this process, huh? I guess it is true "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!".

E said...

I agree with sound so healthy AND happy! Awesome to hear that you're planning on #2. It is right around the corner!

Mandy said...

Deanna, it sounds like you guys are in a good place right now! Yay!! G will love being a big brother someday! :)