Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer fun...

In my last post I mentioned that we were having a family over for a bbq on the 6th. Well, we did and it went great. I met Amy about 2.5 years ago on B.aby C.enter's adoption boards. We only lived a half hour from each so we agreed to meet in person. We hit it off right away and have since gotten together several times. This past weekend we had them over for dinner. We had a great meal and wonderful conversation. It's funny because our husbands are the same age, having been born on the same day. And they act very much alike as do Amy and I....lol. We just have a lot in common, it's a blessing to have such wonderful friends who truly understand where we have been and where we are heading on this journey. Our families are rich and full of life all made possible by adoption.
In August we are planning to go camping together. I hope it all works out, maybe it'll become an annual tradition. Here are a few pictures from Sunday.


Coleen and Gordon said...

awesome! Everything is sooo green. Can you tell i livein the desert : )

amysrivera said...

I love the pics! We ALWAYS have fun hanging out with you guys!!! Yes, Andre and Luis could be twins, they act so much alike. Good thing they have wives like us to keep them in line, ha ha!

And we are definitely up for camping in August! What do you think about the weekend of the 27th? Any ideas where you want to go?

Laura said...

Isn't it so cool knowing people who have been on similar paths -- and you have so much in common?

This past week, I had dinner with Karen VG and Denise (MJ). It was so awesome but incredible to think that it was babycenter more than 7 years ago that brought us together.

Great pics -- can't believe how big G is getting. So handsome~like his daddy!