Friday, April 15, 2011

The twins....

have been officially adopted by their Aunt and Uncle. I have been given permission to post their pictures. :) They are truly where they belong, I'm just so glad that we were able to care for them the first 7 months of the lives.
This Sunday we've been invited by their Mom and Dad to church for their baptism. We are also going to their house for lunch afterward, should be a great time...I'm excited for them all!

These are a couple recent pics, we had a play date over spring break.


Lisa said...

wow!!! they are so big now!

Tanya and Don said...

They are adorable! Your strength is amazing. Love that you are part of their lives.

Laura said...

Hey, Dee -- just stopping by to see if there are any updates. The girls are beautiful and they were so blessed to have you when they needed you!! Glad to hear you can keep in touch.

Take care, sistah!

Laura :)