Saturday, July 12, 2008

A day at the park...

Since our family went from just A and I too...A and I, G and now T and K our household is crazy busy! We are trying our hardest to make the best of everything and really get involved with the kids and their lives. These are from early June but I thought I'd share them with ya. We've gone to the park a few times...I like to take a book and read while G sleeps under a shade tree and the girls play. Right now I'm reading The Memory Keeper's far so good. We also pack lunches and have picnics. A bought us both new cameras this year so we've been taking pictures galore!

K, nephew N, and T.

Eating lunch.

Hanging tough.

Sisterly love....

Grey-baby taking a nap...or so I

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sadiekiana said...

I've read that book, it's awesome! Cute pictures..:) Maria