Sunday, April 19, 2009


My sister has graduated to overnight visits! I am beyond thrilled. The kids leave about 10am on Saturday and they come back btw 3-7pm on Sunday. So that means for one night a week it's just A, G and I....OMG!!!! I love it! It is wonderful. I was worried about G being so attached to Tiani but when she is gone he doesn't seem to notice. He is only 14 months so maybe her going home soon won't affect him too terribly. With that being said, you should see his face when he sees her Sunday. He just lights up, giggles and babbles to no end. He just can't get enough of her.
Tonight we tied my robe belt to a laundry basket and pulled him all over. And the girls were also giving him rides all over the house on their backs. He was all smiles. They truly love him and shower him with love and affection. I think Tiani is going to miss him a lot. But it is in their best interest to be reunited with their mother. It has been a long year, we are all ready.
The girls SWer is coming over Wednesday, hopefully she will give me more definite details as to when they will be going home. Right now, we have a dual placement order. This means the SWer can decide when the girls will go home, we do not have to wait until the next hearing which is in July. I heard from a little birdie that she is going to send them home in mid May.
Seems like A and I have been stressed lately and taking it out on each other. I hope when the girls go home things get better. I know we need some time with just us. It always seems like we are up against something, it's never smooth sailing for us. But with prayer and love we should be able to get through this.....thanks for listening.


E said...

I'm happy to hear for everyone that your sister has been allowed to do overnights. That's great that it may very soon be just the 3 of you soon all the time. I do hope that G will still get to see the girls often though...sounds like they really love being around each other!

Texas Lisa said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there,before you know it the time will come when its finally just the 3 of you!!

Liz said...

Oh Dee it has to be adding undo stress on your family with them being there so long. It was so good of you to give up G's first year to tend to your sister's girls. Someday they will appreciate it, someday! As for you God is going to bless you for giving so much of yourself. I know this year has been filled with sadness, heartache and above all stress, emotionally and finacially. Look for tomorrow because it is another day!
Maybe after they leave you all can take a nice quiet trip to somewhere you can just relax and be waited on. Just the three of you!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you all for being so understanding. I love all the support you have given truly means the world to me!!!