Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What day is it???

We've been having so much fun lately, it's hard to get online or should I say it's hard to post. The weather was really nice last week, all I heard was "mommy outside!" How can you deny such a cutie fun times outside.
I've also been working on a rocker glider that I bought used. I'm recovering the cushions, it's a lot of work but it's slowly coming along. I actually bought a used sewing machine and totally love it. I wish I would have bought one years ago.
Let's see what else...oh, G and I were sick for Easter, so no egg hunt for us. G has had a fever on and off for the past few days. He also has a running nose and horrible cough. We're thinking it's he molar causing all the problems. I feel sorry for sweetie.
Since we didn't go anywhere we didn't take any pictures. I'm hoping to get some professional pics of all the kids next month. Just thinking about it makes me have a panic was hard enough getting pictures taken with just G. Some how, some way!
A couple weekends ago we went to the children's museum, that was a good time. G and Daddy played, it was very cute to watch.
So overall, I'm tired! But I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs so I need to make time for it!

If you are just stumbling upon my blog, the two little girls in this video are my nieces. We were their legal guardians from May 08 - May 09. They are the reason we are licensed foster parents. They are attached to G and he is to them, they always have fun together!


Coleen and Gordon said...

I love how he takes breaks resting on his knees... cute. that is nice to have the girls to tire him out, huh! awesome...

Priscilla said...

Bout time you updated us on ur blog,lol..Soo cute..ya maybe the girls can come tire Bre out, lol.
Hes gettin sooo big!