Sunday, March 29, 2009

The real deal.

It's done, the paperwork that is....we can now foster children other than family members. This is awesome news! A is coming around more and more; he is still nervous about getting attached to a child that will eventually go home but our SWer told us that she will look out for us as best she can.
I have to tell you all this just b/c I couldn't believe it myself. We got our first call Thursday night. It was about 8:30pm., a placement SWer called (not Stacy) and asked if we could possibly take in a 6 month old Hispanic boy. It took all I had to say no. I had already told Stacy that we would not be ready for a child until our nieces went home. Which should be in the next couple months. Anyhoooo....I said no. How sad, right? I wonder where he is right now. I just know we are not ready, Greyson is only 13 months old and we only have one crib. I was so surprised I honestly could not think straight. As I sit here now and think about it, we could have used G's pack-n-play until we got everything together. But then I think, four kids? Too much for me to handle right now. I know our child is out there somewhere and he/she will find her way to us when the time is right!


Coleen and Gordon said...

I've had to say no to situations that did not sound right for us and it was HARD! You always wonder where they are? You'll know when it is right!!

RB said...

I know the right situation will present itself at the right time. I can't imagine what it's like turning down a situation. That's tough.