Sunday, March 8, 2009

So much going on...

I don't know where to start....let's see, T is now playing basketball. She is really good!

T is in the center with gray shorts on....

K just turned 7 yesterday, we had a small party for her. We also bought her a new bike, I'm super excited for all of us to go on bike rides soon.

Here is K with her new dress.

I just went out and bought a few Nikey workout outfits. I am determined to get in shape this spring. I gained about 10-12lbs this winter and trust me it's not in the right I know this is a huge goal but I'm shooting for a six pack. I never had one, well unless you count when I was in junior high. I figure why not try to be in the best shape possible since I will never experience weight gain from a pregnancy. There is no reason I should have a one A calls it. BTW, don't get too mad, he said he loves my one pack...;)
Maybe for motivation I'll post belly shots....argh, ok um no. I'm not that brave. I'll take some now and post them if and when I get my six pack. What do you think? Is that fair????

I have a few new pics of G. He is such a cutie and every time he smiles my heart just melts!!


E said...

I just posted to you on our other site....G looks so much older with his hair short!! He's still a cutie long hair or short;)

Cute picture of Kaia too!

I'm right with you on the weight gain, although I've had to lose 10-12 lbs for some time now. It's tough being 5'1". The weight doesn't have many places to go!

Jennifer said...

Such cute pictures. I agree with E, he looks so grown up with the short hair.