Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm getting the itch!!!

Where is spring??? I want to go outside so bad! This summer is going to be so much fun now that G is older. I can't wait to see him walk in the sand, grass, go for a swim and even go to the park. Last year he was so little but this year he will know what's going on.

I also think that I'm going to sign us up for swim classes at the Y. Anyone do this, is it helpful? We have a pool in our backyard so I want to be prepared for anything.

I'm excited that I bought a jogging stroller. It was pricey but it looks and feels very sturdy. Now I need to find a jogging mate. I have three friends with children G's age so hopefully someone will be up to

Most importantly I forgot to tell you all that we received our Foster Parent License on the 13th. I'm so geeked about that! We can only foster our nieces right now but after 6 months we can foster anyone. I'm really starting to think this may be the route we use to adopt #2.

That's it for now.


Lisa said...

Swimming Class sounds great!

Priscilla said...

I dont know about joggin, but Ill start walking with you when the weather warms up.

Liz said...

Yep the Y classes ar a must if you ahve a pool. We did them at my DH's work pool and it was great. The first few classes are with the parents so suit up, but once they are about 3 they can do them on their own. DD loves her swimming class we do it about three times a year. Love it!

As for your Title, I thouhgt you were itching for another baby! hahaha! Not spring! I love spring too, but the joggin is out for me, too much stress on my back and the fact that we live so far apart (Probably weren't even thingking of me, boo) Anyway I know you will loe the stroller.
Congrats on the licience. That maybe just be the way you get #2. I know you are doing a great job wiht your nieces and they will appreciate one day. It's hard work but you go girl!


Jennifer said...

We do swim class with Mackenzie. She absolutely loves the water. It is so funny, she dunks her face in the bath tub now. We go to our Y.

E said...

The Y is where I will be going for swimming lessons for our little one! I sound so hopeful, don't I? lol I can't wait for spring sick of winter! ugh!