Monday, February 16, 2009

Went to Bethany today.

We went to Bethany Christian Services today for my niece. I take her to counseling e/o Monday, trust me, she needs it. This morning she told K (her 6 year old sister) that she was going to knock her teeth out. This was triggered by K getting to the bathroom before her...argh.
It's funny b/c I see a side of her that most people don't see. It's like she has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. This week we are working on how she talks to K, A and I. I have to admit somewhere along the way I've lost my patience with her but Rebecca (our counselor) is working with me on that as well.
Okay, so this is why I brought BCS up...while I was sitting in the lobby of the counseling center, I seen a pg Hispanic girl come in for counseling. She must have only been 3 to 4 months along. She was small and cute. I couldn't help but wonder if she was carry a boy or a girl. I also couldn't help but wonder if was making an adoption plan. As I was leaving I thought to myself 'if we start the adoption process for #2, maybe she would pick us.' I know that is not going to be possible b/c we are not starting the process for #2 for awhile but the thought still crossed my mind.....


Mandy said...

I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! (Although we are certified and waiting) Whenever I hear of a girl who is considering adoption, I start to think . . . could this be our next baby?

Also, I hope that the home life gets easier soon! :)

Texas Lisa said...

Maybe you should start it sooner... ;) j.k. Anyway, it is really great that you are taking care of the girls the way you are. It is also great that they are getting the help they need.