Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So tired.

G is going to be one in 5 days. He was on such a roll, he had never been sick. Well, for the past few days he has had an awful cough. Last night he had a hard time sleeping, therefore so did mommy. At about 7am he was screaming crying, I felt so bad for him. I called the doctor and was able to get an appt. for 10am. He fell back asleep and woke up about 9am, once again screaming and crying. Good thing our appt. was soon, we get there and after a quick check up, the dr. told me he has an ear infection. He is on amoxicillin, hopefully he will be better by this weekend. It's his birthday and we are celebrating it Elmo style!

Oh, one more thing. G is now cool, he can walk backwards. He does this often, I have no idea where he came up with this new trick but he thinks it's the coolest. I'll have to get him on video...makes me laugh!


Mandy said...

Ug, glad you've got an answer and he's on the road to recovery!! Hope you guys have a great 1st birthday! :) We did Elmo for my girls' first birthday as well!! So much fun!

Oh, can't wait to see video of the walking backwards!! :)

Eileen said...

I cannot believe he is going to be 1. I remember when you got "the call"...I was away for the weekend in the mountains. Time really flies! Hope G has a fun day...enjoy it!