Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why does she put everything on his head???

T is too funny. She loves putting glasses on G or hats on him, now she put his pants on his head. Check out these pictures.....
BTW, G 7 months already and still not crawling. I think it's our fault though, b/c if I'm not holding him, A is and if he is not holding him, T is. I'm sure it doesn't help that when he goes to Grandma's she doesn't put him down either.
I do have to give him props, he is really trying to stand. I can even stand him next to the couch or coffee table and he tries to walk along them. I have to be careful b/c he is still so wobbly. I have heard that some babies skip crawling maybe G will walk earlier....I can't wait. Better start baby proofing.

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Eileen said...

haha very cute! I was thinking the same thing...G will probably skip the crawling and go right to running!