Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's not official yet but....

looks like G won second place. Thanks to all my family and friends!!! The winners will be annouced the 25th, I'll make sure to post a link. I can't believe that there were two rounds of voting and each were a week long. GEESH! I became a psyhco voting mom! Actually A and I were addicted to the mlive website. Mlive is our local newspaper's website. We would check it in the morning, in the afternoon...again in the afternoon, then in the evening about fives and in the middle of the night at least two times. I told A that I would never allow G to be entered into another contest where the public can vote. If something comes up in the future it will have to be judged by a panel of judges. It's stressful and truthfully I'm not a good loser. I scare myself! The funny thing is A is just like me. I can't believe how into it he got, Friday night he arranged a voting party at our house. We had some family and friends over to vote. At first I thought he was crazy but it was fun.
Now that the voting is over I don't know what to do with Today I finally took down all my Christmas decorations. Can you believe it....January 18th and just took them down. I'm such a slacker! My living room looks so boring now. But it does feel good to put the holidays behind and start looking forward to spring. Right now we have about a foot and a half of snow and it's only 19 degrees out but I'm thinking spring! I even started spring cleaning today. A and I put up some shelves in our basement. We need to get organized! G toys and clothes are taking over the house. I love it really but I need room to So this is what happens when you're stuck to the computer for a week voting then the contest ends and life resumes! I actually have energy and motivation....think spring, even while buried in snow.

Thanks to all who voted for my handsome little man. We are very blessed to have G in our lives and my whole family is just so proud to know such a wonderful little human being. In fact, I better log off so I can go give him a kiss!


Lisa said...

Awesome! 2nd place!!!! :)

Mandy said...

That's great that he came in 2nd!! He is so cute!! I wouldn't want to do a contest where the public votes either . . . to crazy!! :)

Eileen said...

Good for you guys! You should be very proud...that's quite a prize package too. I had no idea the voting was over...I logged on to vote on Sunday and that's when I realized.

Good luck with the organizing! I'm in the same boat...every time I go to Target, I get more plastic totes. I'm sick of the cardboard boxes though from the move.

Anonymous said...

Yay 2nd..I kept voting then that other one all of a sudden jumped so ahead with like over 500 votes that I logged off and got so mad!
We all know he shouldve got 1st.The other momma was way crazier than you and she mustve not had anyother kids in the house and created a thousand email addys to vote.. lol