Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Foster Care talk.....

It's getting late and I'm still doing laundry. I just finished more paperwork for the agency. Yeah, everything was suppose to be done but then SW called and said there is something "new" we had to fill out. It was 4 pages of questions...more questions. But this was all about our income and debt. What a PIA! A and I got that done tonight and will drop it in the mail tomorrow. That better be it! I'm exhausted....I want to be approved already. After all we have had our nieces since May and I know they are not going to take them. Hopefully our SW started typing up our homestudy and once she gets this last bit of info she will be able to send it off to the state. She said it could take a week to two weeks before we are approved.
Right now, the license will only allow us to care for our nieces. If we decide in the future that we would like to adopt through the state then we will have to get it amended. So that's that, for now.

On another note, I talked to the SW about volunteering. I would like to provide haircuts or styles to the children in the agencies care. There is probably something already established but I would like to contribute if I can. Sometimes, I feel like I should be doing more with my life.

Oh and thanks to Reggie (a new friend)...look at my new siggy!


Reggie Boppy said...

I like the new signature! :)

Texas Lisa said...

Siggy looks great!