Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter blast.

I hate winter (not really)! It sometimes feels like I'm trapped in the house. For the past two winters I have gotten PT jobs outside of the house. Well this year we have G so there is no need to get a PT job, I'm busy enough...but now I really need to stay warm and toasty. G is not fragile, he has not been overly sick but he does get this really nasty runny nose. And for all you that don't visit freezing temperture climates, sucking in that cold air can hurt. Could be b/c I have asthma but my lungs burn and I don't want to expose G to that pain so young. I was watching the news today and we are expected to get 10.5" of snow by Wednesday morning....greeeeaaaat! So I, well I mean WE are hibernating....yup, we didn't go anywhere today and I plan on staying home all day tomorrow too! I better go make sure we have clean sweat

BTW, the SWer didn't come over Friday b/c we were hit with a winter blast all weekend. She is from Oregon and is not use to driving in the snow. Whimp! Just kidding it was awful, I'm glad she did not come out. So the home visit is going to be this Friday then we are done and just wait for the states approval!

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