Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little MIA.....

We've been so busy around the house I haven't had much energy to get online. But I've missed e/o! After this post I'm hoping to catch up with all my bloggy friends. So what's new in our lives....huuummmm.....lots!

Here's is our 'To Do List'...well it's mostly A's. However, I was his biggest cheerleader and I also had to keep G out of his hair.

1. Praise God
2. Cut Lawn (we have a big yard)
3. Order/pick up stone and mulch
4. Install front door as well as the storm door
5. Complete brick wall
6. Plant Hostas
7. Gather all junk to go in dumpster (we went in on a big dumpster w/a neighbor)
8. Change wheel barring and brakes on Honda
9. Cook out/spend time with family
10. Cut J's lawn (A cuts his aunts lawn too)
11. Work on commercial lawn mower (this is an $8,000 lawn mower than Jeremy gave to him...was not running but it's very close to running now....YAY!)
12. Fix hole in bathroom wall
13. Put cabinet together and move to bathroom
14. Open pool

As you can see A got most of this list done. We went to church and praised God but I didn't cross it off b/c we need to continue praising God everyday! Oh course I helped him with a few of these things. In fact Monday I woke up and pretty much couldn't walk. A was laughing at me and said I can't hang with the big dog.

All weekend I was on G duty and grill duty. I made ribeye, bbq ribs and chicken on the grill. We ate really good. Overall it was a great weekend. A is a go getter, me on the other hand I like to take things slow but this weekend I kept myself busy. I think mainly b/c it was Memorial weekend. I didn't even go to T's grave site. I just couldn't. My mom and dad did, they put flowers at his and my grandparents grave sites. I'm hoping to build up enough strength to go this weekend. This is a rough summer. Best thing to do is stay busy.

Here are a couple of pics from the mountainous weekend we had....

This is the door without the storm door. As you can tell it was late when A finally got it hung. What a job! He is my Handy Manny! Gotta love him and those black! I'm going to take a picture in the daylight now that the storm door is hung too. It looks awesome. is the door with the storm door put on. Now I need to add changing the light and powerwashing the porch and walk way to our 'To Do List'.


Texas Lisa said...

Your hubby is SOOO HOT! lol

RB said...

Wow! You have been busy! The door looks great.

Anonymous said...

ummm I didnt get a call thay you were cookin all that yummy food ok I see how it
My neighbor has a lawn service and has a couple of those mowers if A needs help Im sure he could look at it.

Mandy said...

Good for you guys for being productive! :) It's great to get to cross things off lists!! Sorry that this is a hard time of year for you . . . my thoughts are with you . . .

E said...

The door looks great!! Don't you love a handy man? I have one of those too;) But mine isn't as muscley...haha

You got a lot of things done and I'm the complete opposite. However, I did plant my hostas!