Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here are some pics of the bedroom now. The girls have been sharing this bed the last couple weeks. In my last post I mentioned momentum....well, it's gone! I should have posted this a week ago. Anyhow, this is our guest bedroom. We might move our computer back to that bare corner but A is not in the mood to move it. And besides, not sure if I want to go through all the hassle if we are planning on adopting in the fall or spring. This will eventually be G's bedroom. The blue will be good for him. Anyhow, the girls are pretty much moved out. Official moving day is all set for Friday.

Quite a difference....


Liz said...

Yippee for space!!


Mandy said...

That's a nice looking guest room! :) Congrats on making progress! :) Wish I could say the same!!