Sunday, November 1, 2009


Since it was cold and wet outside last night we went to one of the local malls, where we met my cousin P and her two daughters K and A. There were quite a few stores handing out candy. G was in awe of all the kids and the costumes. Before we went we stopped at my parents for some pizza and pumpkin pie. My mom and dad were going to a costume party (not sure if they actually went) and had two clown costumes. So of course G seen them and had to try on the wig and shoes. He really didn't like the wig but we managed to get a good pic of him with it on and the :)
G didn't do to bad at the mall either. I say this b/c he didn't take a nap all day. So I thought for sure we'd get there and have to leave right away but nope...he made it! We had a lot of fun, there were some great costumes and all the kids seem to be having a ball.
We got home about 6:30pm and decided it wasn't to late to hand out candy. It was cold but I seen some kids outside on the way home, we only had 4 groups of kids come to the house. I felt bad for them so I gave them handfuls of candy, if I hadn't we'd have to much candy around the house. I'd probably end up with a cavity.;)

G at Grandma's house trying on her costume...

G showing off at Grrandma's house...the costume has little white mittens too but he would not keep them on. I figured the hat was pushing it enough. :)

Just getting to the mall...G was so apprehensive....

What's going on Mom?

G's cousins K and A.....G was suppose to be in this pic but he started crying and ran to me.

After a while G took off his hat too. We all thought it was funny that K was holding G's spider He looks a little confused.

G and his daddy...look at all the kids...OMG! It was busy!


Priscilla said...

Our kiddos looked soo cute! I cant believe how much G has grown.
BTW Everone loved my hair I think I slept with my hand on my chin all night :-)

E said...

Adorable! I love that K was holding his spider "hand"....haha!