Sunday, December 27, 2009

Laid back Christmas....

We had such a laid back Christmas, which was nice! I didn't go anywhere b/c of the girls. My parents hosted Christmas at their house on Christmas Eve but we didn't even make it to that. There was about 40 people there, I was so afraid of the girls catching something. They had a wonderful time and can't wait for us to be able to bring the girls out soon. There is a lot of family waiting to meet them. On Christmas day A took G to his aunt's house and I stayed home with the girls. A called a couple times, I think he missed And I know G did, I heard pretty much as soon as they got there he was telling everyone "bye, bye." And "I wann mommy." I thought it was cute but to everyone else it was a little annoying. So A ended up coming home early, G didn't even get to open all his presents there. He sure did make out though and to think his birthday is in Feb., I have toy overload! Seriously, I don't know what to do with them all.

Can I ask all the mom's out there, how the heck to you keep up with all the little pieces or sets of toys? Maybe I'm just being lazy by putting everything in the toy basket, instead of making sure all the pieces are together and there....argh.

Here are a few pics...

Christmas eve

Christmas morning

He can get on it, now only if he can figure out how to pedal...btw, he kissed Tigger, too cute.

My big

He was so excited...

This is G's favorite gift. I knew he would like it b/c he loves the Wii bowling but geez!!! We played for two hours straight. He is so good at it.

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