Monday, December 14, 2009

Spoke with SW...

I called and talked with the SW who licensed us and whom I have met face to face. I explained to her that while she was on vacation another SW called us with a possible placement. And while I had turn that down, she mentioned she would change our status from wanting to foster two children to only one and that we were near the top of the 'list'. I asked her what exactly the list is...she told me that it's a list of FP's who are ready and have room in their homes for children. The list is arranged in alphabetical order, since our last name starts with a G we are at the top of the second page (it's three pages). I didn't ask but I wonder how many families are on the first page....yeah, this is driving my a little crazy.
You know there is nothing more I'd rather do than adopt again. Really I love my son so much, I know I have enough love for another child brought to us through the miracle of adoption. The only thing I wish ~ I wish I knew when, like pregnant women....KWIM. I have a friend pregnant with her second child, she knows he/she is coming in early Jan. My SIL is pregnant with my niece and knows she is coming March 13th. They can prepare, they know...for that I'm jealous...;)

On another note, G's BM made contact with our agency in Oct. Since then I have emailed her a few times and even sent some pictures. She is definitely a sweetie. I was surprised to hear that her and G's BF have reunited and are now friends. She even sent a picture of the two of them, I was very happy to see G's other half. He is a handsome man with sincere eyes like G. I'm happy for her because the way he treated her while she was pregnant was horrible. But G-d is forgiving and we should be too. He was young and very immature, maybe he has grown up and is sorry for his actions. Either way J has forgiven him, I just hope he never hurts her in that way again.

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