Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another sibling group....

As you may know I work from home, even so I never answer my home phone when I'm working. Yesterday I was busy working when I missed a call from B.ethany. Actually A listened to the msg when he got home from work and let me know about it. It was from a SW I'm not familiar with, anyhow the msg was basically a call for a possible placement. When I heard the msg my heart skipped a beat. The call came in about 4pm and by the time I called back it was needless to say I had to leave a msg. All night we thought about the child/baby we might have missed out on, so early in the morning I called again. This time the SW answered the phone, I was so excited!!! But once she started talking my excitement quickly faded. The placement was for two young boys. I didn't even have to talk to A about it, I know his answer. I told her that we would only like to foster one child at this time. She apologized, I apologized but what she said next was something new...she said that she was going to change our status to only wanting one child and that we would be near the top of the list. LIST? What list? She went on to explain there is a list of FP's who would like only one child and evidently we are near the top of that. Huh? First time I heard of this. I asked to speak with the placement SW that I know (the one who licensed us) to clarify all of this new information but she is on vacation until the 7th.
I have to admit I'm getting a little frustrated, especially when I hear from clients about people who are fostering through B.ethany. One client knows of a woman fostering a 3 month old baby girl and one client just told me her friend is fostering newborn twins. I know I'm not feeling jealous, I just want to know when we are going to get the call that's right for us. I hate that I feel like B.ethany is trying to guilt us into taking siblings. I don't understand how many times I have to tell them no before they get it.

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Lisa said...

That is no different from the county workers. They want to get the siblings placed and sometime SOME workers can really push and push. I hope you get the placement you want VERY soon!